Information for Tourists

Safety recommendations

  1. Keep a copy of your passport with you and keep the original in a hotel safety deposit
  2. For any type of transaction you must present your original passport
  3. Banking agencies to use and accept no intermediaries
  4. When using ATMs, do not accept help from other people or suspicious and alwaysmake sure to remove your card
  5. If you rent a car, do not forget to read carefully the conditions they are offering
  6. Do not leave your belongings visible in the car, leave windows and doors locked
  7. In case of problems with the car or watch you’re being followed by another car find a safe place and call the phone: 2298-9984/83/82 or 911
  8. When you need a taxi, ask the hotel staff and / or make sure the taxi plate starts withthe letter “A”
  9. If you decide to use public transport, hand carried coins and avoid carrying valuable possessions


San Salvador: Alameda Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo, Passage and Carbonell Building No. 1, Colonia Roma.
Phone / Telephone: (503) 2243-7835 ext. 165 and 166

Airport: Comalapa International Airport, San Luis Talpa, La Paz,
Phone (503) 2339-9454 ext. 16

Suchitoto: Neighborhood Center, Calle San Martín No. 2, Suchitoto, Cuscatlan.
Phone / Fax: (503) 2335-1835

La Palma: Local1: 1a. Calle Pte. Barrio San Antonio, Sports street. Tel. (503)2335-9076.
Local 2: Calle José Matías Delgado, District of the village El Centro.

Route of the Flowers: Barrio El Rosario, CA-8 road miles. 82 Larín station address, Juayua detour. Salcoatitan.
Tel. (503) 2401-8675.

The Union: 6The Av. North, San Carlos Street Neighborhood, The Union.
Phone: (503) 2604-0470

Puerto de La Libertad: Tourist Complex Port of La Libertad, Building Administrative second level.
Tel. (503) 2346-1634

Tourist police stations

Route of the Flowers

Family Park
Tel.: 2280-6402


Costa del Sol
Tel.: 2338-2067

Path of Peace
Tel.: 2680-4040

Puerto La Libertad
Tel.: 2346-1893

Parque El Boqueron
Tel.: 2305-6478

Royal Zona Rosa and Zona
Tel.: 2263-3904

Lake Coatepeque
Tel.: 2441-6176

Port of Acajutla
Tel.: 2452-5850

Cerro Verde
Tel.: 7284-8138 and 7287-2043

Rio Chiquito
Tel.: 7284-3085, 7917-8293 and 7543-0014

The Cóbanos
Tel.: 2420-5374

Lake Ilopango
Tel.: 2299-5419

Puerto El Triunfo
Tel.: 2452-5850


POLITUR – Tourism Police
Phone: 2298-9982, 2298-9984 or 911

Ministry of Health and Social Care
Phone: 2221-1001

Phone: 2231-2300

Red Cross
Phone: 2222-5755, 2222-5155

Complaints of abuse of suppliers or services
Consumer Protection Agency
Phone: 910

Complaints about crimes
POLITUR – Tourism Police
Phone: 2298-9984, 911

Attorney General’s Office
Phones: 2523-7000, 2523-7001
Contact with your embassy

Ministry of External Relationships
Phone: 22:31-10:00 Monday to Friday