Basic Information for Visitors

About El Salvador

General information about the country

Official name : Republic of El Salvador
Capital city : San Salvador

Government Republican, Democratic and representative
Territorial extension : 20,742 km2
Population : 6,757,408 have. Approx.
Currency : U.S. Dollar
Language You : Spanish, English is spoken almost at all the touristic destinations and “nahuat” is spoken by some native villas
Religion : Most of all is Catholic, or Christian.
National Bird : Torogoz (Momoto Cejiturquesa )
National Flower : Izote flower (Yuca Guatemalensis)
National Tree : Maquilishuat (Tabebuia RĂ³sea family of Dignoniageae)
Time : GMT-6
Climate : Tropical; rainy season (May to October); dry season (November to April); tropical on the coast; temperate in the uplands.
Electricity : 110 volts AC, 60 Hz y 220 volts.
Airport : El Salvador International airport (Comalapa)
Main Seaport : Acajutla
Main Exports : fabrics, coffee, sugar and shrimp.
Climate : Warm all over the year, rainy season between may to October.
Geographical position : El Salvador is located at the southeast of Central America over the shore of pacific ocean.

Practical Facts

Entry requirements : Valid passport, depending on country of origin, sometimes need a tourist visa or tourist card at a cost of $ 10 and are usually valid for 90 days.
Communications : You can use an international direct connection to any part anywhere in the world. The country code is 503. The code for international calls is: 00.

Mobile : currently used GSM 850, 900, 1900 and 1950.
Fax : Fax are available in all hotels
Internet : It is easy to access the Internet, business centers all hotels and Internet cafesand Wi- Fi hotspots
Foreign Exchange : Visitors are advised to only change money at banks.
Credit and debit cards : Most cards circulating worldwide can be used
Travelers checks : Can be exchanged at banks and hotels, on presentation of passport.
Airport tax : U.S. $ 32.00
Accommodation : The highest concentration of hotels is in the capital city. It isrecommended that you book early. There are accommodations of all kinds
Tipping : 10% is appropriate in most restaurants and bars. Some already include thetip in the bill.
Clothing : light clothes and some for rain on the coast during the wet season.

General Country Information

Official name : Republic of El Salvador Ciudad
Capital : San Salvador Republican Government, Democratic, Representative Territorial extension 20,742 km2
Total population : 6,757,408 have. Approx.
Currency : U.S. Dollar
Official Language : Spanish, English is spoken in most tourist destinations and in some villages the Nahuatl
Religion : For the most Catholic and Protestant; but there is freedom of worship
National Ave : Torogoz (Momoto Cejiturquesa )
National Flower : Flower Izote (Yuca Guatemalensis)
National Tree : Maquilishuat (Tabebuia rosea of the family of the Dignoniageae)
Time Zone : GMT-6
Electricity : 110 volts AC, 60 Hz y 220 volts.
Airport : El Salvador International (Comalapa)
Main Seaport : Acajutla
Major exports : Textiles, coffee, sugar and shrimp.
Climate : Mainly warm, with rainy season between the months of May to October.
Geographic Location : El Salvador is located northwest of Central America and the Pacific Ocean coast, is the only country in the region that has no coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.